The Catch Sitka Experience

The Fishing

Experience what it's like to fish with the professionals with the best equipment.

We are proud to have more than a decade and a half passionately doing what we love most: sport fishing. Utilize our experience and expertise while you fish for the chance to catch King Salmon and 400+ lb. Halibut.

We locate the schools of bait fish and drift through the Alaskan waters while you cast your line and spin your bait among the feeding wild Alaska Salmon. We target bottom fish, using our time-proven technique of anchor mooching and jigging along the outer coast. By exclusively using the highest quality Gloomis rods with Penn or Shimano reels, you can assure you are going to have a fishing experience a lifetime. You feel the bite, set the hook, and reel in the catch. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sitka, Alaska

The best fishing destination the world has to offer.

The beauty of Sitka is unparalleled - an experience only exceeded by the bountiful fishing opportunities it provides. We are located along the outer coast of Southeast Alaska, where we intercept large migrating schools of wild king salmon and fish alongside deep continental shelves for highly prized halibut and other bottom dwelling species.

Sitka, Alaska will spoil you for life. There is simply no other place like it.


A memorable experience on the boat and off.

In between the unique excitement of multiple hookups and same day bag limits of massive Salmon and Halibut, we provide the finest in lodging. Join us for amazing food, drinks, and other great amenities. Our goal is to create a memorable experience from beginning to end, on the boat and off.

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