Our Story

A dream come true

A note from our founder, Issam Samman

Since I was a kid I have always been drawn to the allure of the sea. From this passion grew an illustrious career in the sport fishing industry, where I’ve proudly spent the last 17 years honing my skills.

Catch Sitka is the product of my lifelong passion — a service I’ve aspired to create since 1999. A place where I can share my expertise with others so they too can experience the best fishing the world has to offer in the most beautiful place on earth: Sitka, Alaska.

The Catch Sitka team and I are committed to three core values:

Relentless in the pursuit of fish.
Passionate about the experience.
Uncompromising in the level of service we provide for our clients.

We aim to not only provide an amazing fishing opportunity, but to provide an unforgettable experience. I hope I can have the pleasure of meeting you soon.

Issam Samman

Founder, Catch Sitka

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